Udemy - Learn To Play The Drums Without A Drum Kit

September 2014

Udemy logo

For the past couple of months I've been developing some video lesson content for the website Udemy with the angle of learning the drums without a drum kit.

If you've never heard of Udemy it's basically peer to peer learning so if you consider yourself knowledgeable about a certain subject you can create your own course. Udemy users can then sign up for your course and learn from you if they're interested in learning your subject.

It's not just for music lessons - there are courses in business, languages, technology and most things you can think of and the site has something like 4 million users.

I thought it'd be cool to create a course that anyone can access using hands and feet to build up some coordination and other skills needed to play the drums.

I've not promoted it properly yet as it's not quite ready to launch but I already have a handful of students signed up that happened to stumble upon it which I'm really happy with. The course is available at... Udemy.com