Drum Buckets - Video Shoot - Bournemouth University

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

I was approached by Bournemouth University student, Laura, to create a 2 minute drum performance film piece using metal bins and household items or something similar. So I sent her a YouTube link to me playing the buckets in Bournemouth town centre, which was exactly what she was looking for. So we arranged a shoot using one of Bournemouth University's film studios.

billy baker drum buckets

On arrival at the Uni I was met by Production Manager, Daisy, who showed me to the studio. I was given 2 small and 2 large buckets that had been painted orange along with a grey bin. I brought along what I had left (and what wasn't broken) from the Tour de France which was a few white buckets painted green, polka dot, and French flag coloured. Plus my metal mess tin and a blue wood block

camera film drum buckets

Filming took from 10am until 3:30pm with a half an hour break for lunch. We ran into a few run-of-the-mill filming problems but the whole process was quite smooth with a few long takes and lots of shorter shots to suit the style of the film.

choosing drum buckets

The huge studio space was freezing with most of the crew in winter coats.

film crew bournemouth uni

The lights did provide some heat though.


Creating some Peter Pan-like shadows.

billy baker buckets

The film will now get edited by the end of November. Looking forward to seeing the result.

wide shot billy baker lights